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Lady Rachel
6 January 1975
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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Ursuline High School - Youngstown OH (1988 - 1992)
Youngstown State University - Youngstown OH (1992 - 1996)
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Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm originally from Hubbard, a small town outside Youngstown, Ohio, but I moved to the Cleveland area in 1999. Just a small-town girl making it in the big bad city, right? I'm kooky, zany, odd, and sometimes a bit bitchy. I tend to be opinionated and I usually have no problem speaking my mind. But, I'm mostly harmless. I fully support your (and my) right to an opinion. I also support your (my) right to ignore whatever offends you (me). No one is making you listen.

Enough of my rant.

Here are some colorbars for my your enjoyment.

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